Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ash Lamour Brand Launch

I had the good fortune of visiting Dawn Lifestyle exhibition at Expo Center Karachi this year. The last I visited this exhibition was back in 2006 when I was a volunteer to organize and manage the exhibition. Handling thousands of people daily for 3 consecutive days was enough motivation for me to not visit again for these past years, but the launch of Ash Lamour forced the lazy me to step out from my comfort zone and enter the hustle and bustle of Dawn Lifestyle.

I went directly to Hall 6 to check Ash Lamour stall, a well presented standard-sized space with neatly placed tables and elegantly displayed handbags. The brand name was highly visual in the backdrop with small silver heart-shapes dangling in front of it. Despite the small size the stall space was efficiently utilized and enough room was available for several people to stand comfortably. The founder of Ash Lamour, Ayesha Akram, was standing there attending the visitors for consecutive three days with her ever present smile.

The clutches on display were simple but elegant in design. They were not highly embellished as we often find such to be and neither were they awkward to carry. I found them well suited for practically any event and will go with any sort of dressing, be it formal or party wear. The price range was between 900 to 2000, a reasonable fee for handbag designs which usually cost anywhere between 1500 to 4000. Being the curious sort I asked Ayesha to tell more about her handbags and how they were made.

The handbags were made from artificial leather that makes them more affordable and durable than original leather. These handbags are easy to maintain and do not stain easily, perfect for long term use. Additionally, the making of these clutches is based on cottage industry concept, which means the manufacturers are residents of slum areas of Karachi that work from their homes. This provides valuable skills, experience and above all, livelihood to these underprivileged members of our society. The whole concept of Ash Lamour is environment friendly with all the materials used in the making and packaging can be recycled.

Ayesha's future plans revealed that Ash Lamour will be conducting an awareness campaign in slum areas where she will be accompanied by few other seasoned campaigners and the residents will be shown how they can develop their skills and work from home. The campaign will be handled by Ash Lamour's CSR department and similar campaigns will be time to time.

The exhibition at Dawn Lifestyle seems to have gone well and the response from general masses have been positive. Ash Lamour has its own Facebook page which more and more people are liking every day.

After meeting with Ayesha and seeing her products on display, I am pretty much sure what I want to get for my mother and sisters next time on their birthdays.


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