Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ash Lamour Brand Launch

I had the good fortune of visiting Dawn Lifestyle exhibition at Expo Center Karachi this year. The last I visited this exhibition was back in 2006 when I was a volunteer to organize and manage the exhibition. Handling thousands of people daily for 3 consecutive days was enough motivation for me to not visit again for these past years, but the launch of Ash Lamour forced the lazy me to step out from my comfort zone and enter the hustle and bustle of Dawn Lifestyle.

I went directly to Hall 6 to check Ash Lamour stall, a well presented standard-sized space with neatly placed tables and elegantly displayed handbags. The brand name was highly visual in the backdrop with small silver heart-shapes dangling in front of it. Despite the small size the stall space was efficiently utilized and enough room was available for several people to stand comfortably. The founder of Ash Lamour, Ayesha Akram, was standing there attending the visitors for consecutive three days with her ever present smile.

The clutches on display were simple but elegant in design. They were not highly embellished as we often find such to be and neither were they awkward to carry. I found them well suited for practically any event and will go with any sort of dressing, be it formal or party wear. The price range was between 900 to 2000, a reasonable fee for handbag designs which usually cost anywhere between 1500 to 4000. Being the curious sort I asked Ayesha to tell more about her handbags and how they were made.

The handbags were made from artificial leather that makes them more affordable and durable than original leather. These handbags are easy to maintain and do not stain easily, perfect for long term use. Additionally, the making of these clutches is based on cottage industry concept, which means the manufacturers are residents of slum areas of Karachi that work from their homes. This provides valuable skills, experience and above all, livelihood to these underprivileged members of our society. The whole concept of Ash Lamour is environment friendly with all the materials used in the making and packaging can be recycled.

Ayesha's future plans revealed that Ash Lamour will be conducting an awareness campaign in slum areas where she will be accompanied by few other seasoned campaigners and the residents will be shown how they can develop their skills and work from home. The campaign will be handled by Ash Lamour's CSR department and similar campaigns will be time to time.

The exhibition at Dawn Lifestyle seems to have gone well and the response from general masses have been positive. Ash Lamour has its own Facebook page which more and more people are liking every day.

After meeting with Ayesha and seeing her products on display, I am pretty much sure what I want to get for my mother and sisters next time on their birthdays.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Case of Exploding Cricket

Spot-fixing wasn't yet a distant memory when Pakistan faced South Africa in UAE for all three formats of the game. Loss of Aamir, Asif and Salman had unsettled the Pakistani team and their performance was already shaken due to spot fixing controversy that practically shook the world. Every new update batch on CricInfo had at least one new Spot-fixing related news and the whole affair became a nightmare for Pakistan and England in particular and Cricketing world in general.

It got so out of control that PCB chairman decided to play George Galloway and accused English team of match fixing when ICC began investigating Oval ODI (which Pakistan won) on a tip off from English media. Later he had to retract from his statements in the most humiliating fashion and had actually read out the statements from an email earlier sent to him by ECB.

To add to further humiliation, ICC (who had earlier suspended the Pakistani trio) gave PCB ultimatum to clean the whole Cricket setup from misconducts and match fixing elements or face consequences, possibly in the form of sanctions. This has been the lowest point of Pakistani cricket and Ijaz Butt, so far, has shown no remorse. His dictatorial attitude was evident when he finally let Younis Khan join the team, earlier suspending him along with other senior players of the team for undisclosed reasons and Younis was the last who remained suspend until the mid of England tour, others who applied for reconsideration were allowed to play.

Before the start of UAE tour the announcement of team and captains for all formats of the game took time and surprise came in form of Misbah-Ul-Haq who was made captain for Test squad. Misbah had been out of Cricket team for quite some time now and his form itself was questionable. Amongst many blunders Ijaz Butt made, I believe this one is least worrisome but a blunder in any case.

The start of UAE tour was quite as much as was expected. Pakistan faced the Proteas in two Twenty20 games and lost both of them. The team looked unsettled and despite clear attempts at better performance they failed to face off South Africans on equal terms. It was now time for One Day matches.

The first ODI saw South Africa easily chase an ordinary target set by Pakistan by 8 wickets. Pakistani lineup still hadn't clicked and struggled to pull off worthwhile performance in batting, bowling and fielding. It was no different in the second ODI with Pakistan losing more than half the wickets, including Afridi's, chasing a strong total set by South Africa. All hope had lost until Abdul Razzak let loose batting blitzkrieg that stunned South African bowling attack. Runs flew in all directions as Razzak hit 10 sixes in his innings and pulled off a century at lower batting order that led Pakistan to victory with one wicket and one ball to spare. The whole nation came alive at that news and several disgruntled fans cheered men-in-green for the valiant effort. The individual brilliance saved Pakistan cricket once again.

The third ODI saw more spectators tuning in from Pakistan where they saw their team chasing South African total, gradually losing wickets until they succumbed to defeat by 2 runs. The Proteas were practically dancing out of their skins with this close victorious encounter. Despite being the better team, the South Africans were aware that Pakistani team is always unpredictable due to sudden breathtakingly extraordinary performances by individuals that take the game away in even the most impossible situations.

And Pakistani team proved itself once again in the fourth ODI when it chased South African total with two wickets and one ball to spare. This time the tailenders took the fight with Wahab Riaz and Zulqarnain Haider adding valuable runs that led Pakistani team to victory. The series was equal 2-2 and one match remaining to determine the winner of ODI series. The final was set to take place on 8 November, 2010 and all were anxious for the match.

And that is when hell, once again, broke loose. Zulqarnain Haider, who had been keeping well and played crucially at the end of the innings to lead Pakistan to victory, disappeared from his hotel and no one could find him. Internet was abuzz and Geo news channel in Pakistan was sensational with his "missing" news until one Geo correspondent received text message from Haider that said he was being threatened by some guy to loose the match and because of that he can't play for Pakistan anymore and leaving for England. He requested the media to help in providing security to his family back in Lahore.

Speculations arose regarding Haider's correspondence and his UK departure without passport until Team management confirmed that Haider had acquired his passport from management a day earlier for undisclosed reasons. Geo news contacted several known people who were associated with Pakistan Cricket Board at one time or the other and asked about several possibilities which only led to more controversy. A former chairperson of PCB even said that Haider wasn't an important player and he might be doing that to acquire political asylum in UK to gain British passport, marry a British girl and settle there permanently. It isn't difficult to believe how much worse our cricket has become when we listen to such insensitive and humiliating comments from those who are responsible of running Cricket in the country.

Haider's brother didn't comment much except that his brother was tense since 4th ODI due to threatening phone calls and continuous pressure to "Lose the match". He also said that player politics kept Haider out of team despite his good performance when he was earlier given the chance. The controversy, which we had all but forgotten, came around and bit Pakistan at the rear end, and pretty nastily at that. Pakistani team was without a specialist wicket keeper with final match only hours away.

Umar Akmal, brother to specialist wicket keeper Kamran Akmal, was included in playing 11 with wicket keeping responsibilities. The Pakistani team was once again unsettled with recent twists and strain was visible on players faces. When Hashim Amla struck 3 boundaries from Shoaib Akhter's first over, the mental strength of men-in-green failed greatly. South Africa went on to set a total of 317 with five wickets to spare, a monumental challenge for a team who had started the day with a bad omen.

Pakistani openers provided a surprisingly good start until they blundered after first 10 overs and middle order batting failed to click. In short order the several wickets were down and some individual efforts from Afridi, Razzak and Umar Akmal kept the hope alive until the team lost all of its wickets and suffered 57 runs defeat at the hands of Proteas. Even Pakistan's twitter community had remained mournful throughout the match, their tweets occasional and often subdued.

The recent events did shed light to one important aspect which wasn't considered before, and that is players safety. I remember Salman Khan's role as Radhay Mohan where he goes to threaten a cricket player and comes close to beating him up. This seems nothing else except another Radhay Mohan incident where cricketer is being forced to cooperate or face the consequences, including threat to life. The incident of Hansie Cronje isn't too far back in history when he had accepted illegal dealings, suffered the consequences in form of ban and later lost his life in a plane crash. I now see Hansie's demise in a whole new light after Haider's incident and do not know what to believe.

PCB representative said on TV that Zulqarnain Haider left the team without informing anyone and departed for another country which is clear breach of contract he signed with PCB. In my opinion what PCB should have done was keep their statement limited to investigation of matter and not blaming the breach of contract with PCB. We have already seen the performance of Pakistan Cricket Board and the deterioration it was heading to. Bringing in factor of contract breach simply does not suit them since it's about threat of life of the leading players of Pakistan. If it would have happened with any other team, their respective board would have taken immediate steps for player's security. Here, we have chairman who just can't stop enjoying his foreign visits. Even after the whole incident, Ijaz Butt was in UAE to attend the ceremony and not setting out after Haider right away to reach to the crux of the matter.

At the time of writing of this blog it was confirmed that Haider had landed in UK and was seen at Heathrow airport. He came out of the airport after 5 hours inside.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Evening With Sarah Beg At Liberty Books

I am not much outgoing by nature and enjoy my solace at home. A week ago I received invitation from Liberty Books to attend presentation about the book "The Secret", written by Rhonda Byrne and presented by Sarah Beg. It proved to be too tempting for me and I registered for the event.

Setting aside my lazy activities, I drove to Liberty Books BBQ Tonight branch on Sunday 7th of November and sat amongst the audience gathered to listen to Sarah's charismatic presentation that not just highlighted many of the important elements explained in the book but also linked them with Franklin Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People", with personal experiences and religious teachings of Islam.

A little introduction to Sarah Beg might be in order. She is "Manager Capability Development Franklin Covey Pakistan" and is certified trainer for "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". It was my first experience of attending her presentation session that proved to be great one.

The greatest contribution in knowledge was undoubtedly from Sarah but the audience participated immensely to make the event interactive, interesting, informative and engaging. Everyone had something to share and touched upon all-too-familiar topics in new light, casting the whole situation in an entirely different dimension.

The event highlighted concepts which we all should aware ourselves and adopt in daily life:

1) The greatest secret to success in life is "Love"

2) Love the things around you and think positively because what goes around, comes around. The more you are positive, the more positivity will follow you.

3) Even when we're all positive, why still our lives are not wonderful? Because we give up, be pessimist, harbor doubt or don't work at all to achieve positive results.

4) Always keep your destination in mind and work hard to find it. The more positive you are, the greater will be your will and the greater will be your efforts to attain your goal.

5) "Circle of Influence" defines what control you have in any given situation. "Circle of Concern" defines what is out of your control. If there is bomb blast or you are stuck in traffic jam, it's in your "Circle of Concern" and that's where we spend most of our time.

6) Spend more time in your "Circle of Influence". If there is bomb blast, focus not on fear of it but to the well being of victims and try to help out where possible. If you're stuck in traffic jam, instead of getting angry or cursing just put on music and relax because you can't do anything about jammed traffic.

7) Life is not 'happening' to you, life is responding to you. The more gloomy you are, the more gloomy your life will be. The more happy-go-lucky you are, the brighter will be your life.

8) Positive events have positive effects on us and negative events have negative effects. Learn to shut-off your auto-pilot of feelings and remain positive in occurrence of both events.

9) Use positive words, they bring forth positive attitude and put positive impact on both speaker and listener.

10) Have a positive view of life when you wake up everyday. The positive outlook brightens your day and driving, office, shopping and any other routine will be fun rather than torture.

11) Happiness is contagious, try to contaminate yourself with it as much and as many times as possible.

12) Having a bad boss is your bad luck. Instead of blaming your destiny, simply change your attitude and maybe you end up changing the attitude of your boss towards you because happiness, after all, is contagious.

13) Learn to IMAGINE because every inventor had imagined and visioned their success. Pakistan was imagined and visioned by Allama Iqbal and it was made real by Jinnah.

14) Imagination defines your sense of purpose. Have a purpose in life, it proves you are alive and do not simply exist like an empty sack.

15) Law of Attraction states "Like Attract Like", so be positive and positive will be attracted to you. Be purposeful and imaginative, your goal will be attracted to you.

16) Have the intend and passion to attain your goal, this is your driving force towards success.

17) Get rid of negative believes. If you believe on bad luck when a black cat cuts your path, it will come true. Don't give life to bad luck by believing in it.

18) Make your own destiny and don't curse others for whatever happens bad to you and around you.

19) Logic gets you from point A to point B, imagination can take you anywhere you want.

20) Your Love is your shield. Love is not without passion and it protects you from negative feelings, negative attitude, negative behavior, effects of negative comments, hostility and pressure. Once upon a time it was blasphemy to believe that Earth was round. Just imagine the Church's hostility and fanaticism when Galileo claimed Earth was round and how he endured all the hatred, criticism and negativity through his love for science and truth.

Many notable people were also present at the event, including Mr. Asif Noorani, the author of "Mehdi Hasan: The Man & His Music". I managed to get a signed copy directly from him and felt good at finally having the opportunity to learn more about our living legend of music. The presence of known literary people shows how we still value life, strive for betterment and care to spread love and respect. The event was free of charge for the attendees and the hospitality of Liberty Book's staff was exemplary.

These literary events are lifeline of our society which is full of misery, hurt, sadness, death, fear and broken promises. The more we collectively work towards better future, the more we will learn to live positively and affect the events in positive manner. Life does have the habit of challenging us to test our attitude and belief and rewards us accordingly. Let us join hands and promise to be positive, for ours and future generations sake. We are not a country of terrorists and neither we will ever be. We produced scientists, philosophers, artists, humanitarians and heroes before and we will continue to do so.

Pakistan Zindabad !!